• Vietnam grows more attractive to foreign investors

    (SGT-HCMC) Foreign investors, speaking at an investment conference in HCMC yesterday, said Vietnam was becoming a more attractive destination for business with big amounts of foreign capital forecast to flow into the country. Bradley Lalonde, general director of BIDV-Vietnam Partners Investment Management Joint Venture Company (BVIM), told the two-day conference: “Growing at an impressive average […]

  • Investment For Painkiller Tablet

    The journalist of PC World Vietnam has an interview with Mr. Nguyen Hong Truong, Director of Business & Technology Development. IDG Ventures Vietnam about ventures capital of IDG in Vietnam. Could you evaluate about the opportunity of Vietnamese IT industry in the receipt of foreign capital? It’s the Vietnam where has constantly been received several […]

  • US$1 Billion Ready To Pour In Vietnam

    IDG Ventures Vietnam established in December, 2004 and it belongs to the American International Data Group (IDG). The ventures fund has expanded new investment channel in Vietnam when they have invested in 16 companies with total capital investment of US$25 million to date and ready to pour US$1 billion in Vietnam by the year 2013… […]

  • IDG to expand business and investment in Vietnam

    VietNamNet Bridge – The International Data Group (IDG) is keen on helping develop the information technology skills of young Vietnamese workers and will invest around US$ 1 billion in Vietnam by 2010, IDG President Patrick McGovern said. In the early 90s, IDG came to Vietnam and launched the IDG Ventures Fund. Since then it has […]

  • Online Service And Digital Content Will Be Very Attractive

    IDG Ventures Vietnam has recently continued to invest in Vinapay, Yeu Am Nhac and Cyworld so IDG Ventures Vietnam has made investment in 14 Vietnamese companies with total capital investment of US$20 million. It’s estimated to pour about US$6-10 million in 6 more companies by the end of year 2007. the Investment Newspaper’s Huyen Anh […]