Rachan (Butch) Reddy currently serves as General Partner for IDG Ventures Vietnam (IDGVV). Along with the other Partners of IDGVV, he participates in the investment and management decisions of the fund and its portfolio companies, specifically investments within the technology, media, and telecommunications and biotechnology sectors. Butch led the investment in the Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI) for IDGVV and co-led the investment in VNG Corporation (formerly VinaGame) serving as a board member from 2005-2009. He also led the investments and now serves on the Board of Management for several companies including YAN Media Group (YMG), Pyramid Consulting, HotDeal (Mekongcom) and WebTreTho (WTT).

Before joining IDG Ventures, Butch was a Founding Partner and President of VITC, a US-based technology company specializing in corporate and retail data network services. He was responsible for establishing and managing the company’s global network and retail operations which became the largest private data services provider in the Indochina region. Prior to his experience in Asia, Butch worked as a project consultant for S2S Medical Publishing. He was also involved in biomedical research at Northwestern University, UCLA and UCSD.