Independent mobile app store GetJar now seeing 3 million downloads per day

According to GetJar, its eponymous mobile app store is now seeing three million downloads per day. GetJar reiterated that its stats put it second only to Apple iTunes, with over 1 billion total downloads to date.

At current (self-reported) growth rate, the company should hit 2 billion downloads in about a year, if calculated on the back of a virtual envelope.

Ilja Laurs, GetJar founder and CEO, says daily downloads have grown more than 300 percent year-on-year, with significant growth coming from North America, Western Europe, Asia and South Africa. GetJar rightly notes that at this scale, they are able to tap into trends across the United States and the rest of the world, particularly since their users come from more than 200 countries and use some 2,000 different handsets.

Recently, the startup conducted a review of more than 70,000 apps within its store to identify user interests and trends among its millions of users. As of this month, YouTube, Facebook and Yahoo! Mobile remained among the top mobile applications, with games “Warships Sea on Fire” and “Racing Mania” top among its category.

Downloads by platform are also shifting quickly, adds GetJar CMO Patrick Mork:

Android wasn’t even a part of our business last year. Today, it’s the 2nd most popular platform developers are submitting on when uploading content to GetJar and we have at least 3 devices in our top 20 list of devices in the US that are Android powered.

GetJar just raised an $11 million Series B round from previous investor Accel Partners and others. The company said at the time that in the past year, it has tripled the number of employees while maintaining its profitability.

Recently, the company released results of an independent study which indicates that the market for mobile apps could grow to a whopping $17.5 billion within the next three years.