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1980s Entrepreneur Associates DreamViet

Nguyen Minh Hieu, 26, Director and the co-founder of the DreamViet Corporation, has entered the Top 20 U-25 businessmen in Asia voted by Business Weekly  Magazine in August, 2006. He admitted that this vote is a great joy but not mean to be complacent since there’s a jungle out there of gifted talents like him, he’s just luckier than them”

The Aha website offers free access at the beginning so Mr. Hieu and his partner must find way to earn money by web design, consult, server lease… operated by 2 persons only in compact room of 18 square per meter now DreamViet corporation moved to 5-storey office building where there are now 17 employees. Currently, Mr. Hieu no longer care for company expenditure since IDG Ventures Vietnam has decided to invest in Hieu’s corporation to help him focus on developing business.

When he’s asked which the toughest thing towards young boss is ? He answered “ the human resources management. a lot of work, company’s still in its initial stage, low-income for employees that lead to some his employees have to welfare him. Hieu himself works 16 hours daily to turn the Aha website into an EBay of Vietnam”.