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New recruitment service launched in Vietnam

Vietladders, a web-based human resources service launched earlier this month, offers a new form of career recruitment.

Thanh Nien Daily interviewed Tran Dang Khoa, Vietladders’ Project Manager, about the website’s competitive advantages over existing recruitment services in Vietnam and other related issues.


Thanh Nien: Can you give an overview of Vietladders?

Tran Dang Khoa: Our website www.vietladders-.com is designed to serve high-quality candidates, senior-level employees and professionals in all fields of occupations. Recruiters who are looking for senior-level employees can also join our network. Candidates who may want to use Vietladders’ services are those who are happy with their current jobs and aren’t currently inclined to look for a new position. However, they can post their profiles or CVs on Vietladders so that better chances could find them, not vice-versa.

Vietladders membership is based on invitation and application only. Vietladders will send invitations to senior-level employees we know to join the network. For candidates applying for membership, our human resource (HR) experts will assess whether the candidates are qualified to join.

Who are your HR experts?

Vietladders was founded thanks to an investment by IDG Ventures Vietnam and the cooperation of partners, including the Saigon Times Foundation and Cyvee.com, a social network for professionals in Vietnam. We are also collaborating with the HR managers of some 50 companies operating in Vietnam, like Unilever, HSBC, British Tobacco, and The Gioi Di Dong Joint-stock Company. These representatives decide whether the profiles or CVs posted by candidates are qualified for our website.

What are the advantages of Vietladders over existing recruitment websites?

Our candidates can choose which companies could see their profiles and who could interview them. This helps avoid problems that could arise at their current workplace. They could also ask for fees for interviews, based on negotiations among interviewers and interviewees. If they don’t want to receive the fee, they could donate it to the Saigon Times Foundation. Recruiters can save much time and money searching for senior-level employees via our website.

In Vietnam, headhunters can ask for two months of salary, around US$3,000, when they provide the service to find a manager. With Vietladders, a company could interview about 10 qualified candidates for an average interview fee of $60 apiece. In total, the costs are only around $600.

How can you approach such high-quality employees? How can you persuade them to post their CVs on your site?

We send out our exclusive invitations to senior-level employees based on our network of relations and information. We will also popularize Vietladders via media advertisements.  Managers and high-level professionals may also want to use our services to connect with other industry individuals to broaden their personal social networks. This is the value-added dimension of our services.

How can you verify the profiles of candidates?

Vietladders will block the accounts of candidates which recruiters report don’t match their credentials. We also warn candidates against fabricating CVs when applying for membership with Vietladders.

What impacts could Vietladders have on the local high-quality labor market?

Currently, recruiters face difficulties finding qualified professionals for positions of CFO, CEO and marketing managers. In addition to helping recruiters find qualified candidates, Vietladders could help broaden their relationships, which indirectly boosts the development of local businesses. The matching process allows companies to hunt for the best candidates, while firms which presently have excellent employees have to strive to keep these employees.

Do you think your service would push up salaries for professionals in the market, since one candidate could become the target of many companies?

We create better chances for both employers and employees. Recruiters know how much they would pay for qualified candidates, depending on their company’s budget. Meanwhile, candidates know how much they deserve.

How many customers have used your service thus far?

We have received offers for qualified candidates from about 50 companies. So far, around 2,000 candidates have posted their CVs with us, of which less than half have been accepted as Vietladders’ members.

What are your targets for this year?

We plan to attract about 1,000 firms in need of recruiting senior-level employees and around 30,000 qualified profiles.

Reported by Tuong Nhi