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Nhommua.com includes international brand names

Nhommua.com includes international brand names

Last updated: Monday, August 19, 2013 08:55

Just as with the rapid growth and development of the Internet, the group-buying, deal-centric business model in Vietnam is becoming quite common. Currently, there are nearly 100 group-buying enterprises in Vietnam, an impressive figure given how new the model is in the market. Leading the way is NhomMua, a group-buying pioneer and owner of the largest market share in Vietnam for 2012.

Hundreds of dailydeals on NhomMua across categories

By using its expertise in the market, Nhommua.com has become an online shopping channel that not only offers inexpensive, quality products and services, but also a bridge between the businesses products and the consumers.

NhomMua is known for the top quality Food & beverage deals

Some fundamental characteristics of the group-buying model are:

  • Customers can buy products at lower prices than the products at traditional retail locations
  • Convenience in shopping and payments.
  • Customers in many regions have access to products and services that before were difficult to find or buy

2013 was a difficult year for the economy in general and online market in particular. However, due to the enthusiasm of the leadership displayed byNhomMua, the company has fortified its position in the market with along-term strategy and focus on bringing the maximum benefits to the customers.

As you can find on their website, Nhommua.com has hundreds of quality deals every day. In order to enhance their offerings, Nhommua has continued to cooperate with many famous brands including Khaisilk– premium brand of fashion clothing, luxury restaurant and resort, Rock Water Bay Resort, Samba Brazilian restaurant. In addition, it has more and more diversified deals by extending many categories such as hotels and tour operators, restaurants, coffee shops, spas and other products and services.

NhomMua holds the record high 15,000 vouchers sold for one café deal

Not only cooperating with local businesses, NhomMua has strengthened its development by becoming a strategic marketing partner with international brands with more than $100.000 per campaign and total prize values up to 1 billion VND. Typical international brands include LINE – famous mobile application for trendy youth from Korea, iButterfly – mobile application that co-operated with many international famous brands like Pepsi and AXE &Avia – a big travel agency in Europe. The trust of international companies has become compelling evidence of Nhommua’s brand and position in the market.

NhomMua partners with the biggest names in innovative platforms in the region

Brand value is associated with social responsibility. Becoming a member of the community and participating in social activities are considered activities NhomMua takes pride in accomplishing. Nhommua is now preparing for a charity event for the Mid-Autumn festival this September.

NhomMua offers up to 70% of travel deal discounts, both local and international

With support from customers, NhomMua has grown better than expected in the first six months of 2013. This will be motivation for Nhommua.com to once again establish its name in the market, and to continue to bring value to customers with higher and higher quality products and services.

NhomMua’s spa deals are one of the most sought after categories on site

Paul Espinas, NhomMua’s head of marketing, says, “Being a member of the Vietnamese community is very important to us as a business and as people. As NhomMua grows in the market, we also want to see Vietnam grow. And we are prepared to do what is best for the Vietnamese people in all aspects of our business.”

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