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Out-Of-Home TV Network: Modern Advertising Vehicle

Going with higher and higher economic growth, shopping demands are also increasing. This leads to the flourish of modern shopping centers and supermarkets. Besides, the alteration of shopping also brings the appearance of new kinds of advertising.


According to a survey of TNS Media Vietnam market research company, in the past three years, shopping habits of citizens, especially in big cities, have had a rapid change. The number of shoppers at shopping centers and supermarkets are accelerating while there is a declining tendency of people who visit smaller stores and markets. This is understandable because there are a large number of supermarkets and shopping centers set up with various goods. Especially, some supermarket systems such as Co.op Mart and BigC have become the frequent places of citizens. At there, people can buy a lot of things ranging from vegetables, fish to medicines. The survey’s results of TNS Media Vietnam show that if in 2006, in Hanoi and HCM City, people go shopping twice or three times a week account for 33.7%, in past months of 2007, this number increased to 36.9%. Remarkably, many of regular customers are young, high-educated and in the middle class.

Tran Thi Thanh Mai, general director of TNS Media Vietnam, drawed a conclusion from the survey: “Although shopping at traditional markets is still popular, in the near future the trend of shopping at modern supermarkets and trade centers will account for the most following the economic growth.”

This move will happen as in the supermarkets and shopping centers, goods displayed are more attractive and easier to find. There is no need in bargaining the prices or fearing buying low-quality products. The atmosphere is more comfortable and sometimes people can attend many appealing promotional programs of the manufacturers as well as the supermarkets.”


Apart from quality of products, reasonable prices and good after-sales services, entrepreneurs have to concentrate on the marketing strategies. This is the effective answer. However, since then how to have the best advertising ways and how to focus on right targets are difficult questions. Marketing experts
point out that in every market and in every period, the methods help consumers realize the differences of the entrepreneurs’ trademarks.

Recently, a new way of advertising has appeared in Vietnam’s market. This is done through LCD-TV screen: Out-Of-Home TV Network (OOH TV Network) (advertising on LCDTV screen in public). Goldsun Focus Media (GFM) received the franchise from the Focus Media Corporation (Shanghai) to carry out the service. Focus Media is holding 99% of shares in China in the sector of OOH TV Network. It has carried out the service in 21 nations in the
world. The OOH TV Network of GFM has also attracted two famous strategic investors, including IDG Ventures and Pioneer Investment Fund. This is one of the biggest projects in Vietnam in the advertising sector with the total investment capital of VND80 billion. More than new 1,500 LCD-TV screens using CF Card Player technology are installed at shopping centers, supermarkets, high-rise buildings mainly in big cities such as Hanoi and HCM City. The number of screens installed will increase to 5000 in 2008.

GFM is going to spend VND2 billion to do the market research in order to supply entrepreneurs information on evaluation and objective view about this advertising mode. “Besides doing the professional investment, the information help GFM believe that it is going on right direction and supplying entrepreneurs an effective trademark advertising channel as well as best focus on the right target. For example, as for high-rise buildings, it concentrates on those who have high-income and are educated while shopping centers and supermarkets focus on young people, especially females. In our forthcoming plan, we will continue to spending VND2 billion per year to do the market research, aiming at supplying the newest documents for entrepreneurs who want to advertise trademarks through OOH TV Network”, Ms Tran Thi Lan Thanh, general director of GFM says.

At present, big advertising companies in Vietnam such as Mindshare, Hakuhodo, Optimedia, TV Plus as well as big companies like LG, Samsung, Motorola, Nakydaco, Diana, Neptune, and Vifon do the advertisings on OOH TV Network system. Singapore’s Administration of Tourism is not an exception.

The most prominent feature of OOH TV Network is creating civilization and modernization for supermarkets and transferring the messages that entrepreneurs want to impart to the targeted customers. The investigating results show that 90.8% of those who usually do shopping in HCM City and 88.6% in Hanoi realize OOH Network advertisement; 54.4% of those who frequently do shopping in HCM City and 48.4% in Hanoi decide to buy unplanned products thanks to watching OOH TV Network advertisement. Actually, this is a trademark advertising channel that entrepreneurs need to consider, especially at the booming period of trade centers and supermarkets like nowadays.