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Reign of Swords

Reign of Swords is a war strategy game set in a world of knights and sorcery where a once powerful empire has fallen into rebellion and chaos.  As servant loyal to the empire, you must wage war to reunite the seven kingdoms, and perhaps gain your own for demonstrating undying loyalty to the newly crowned emperor.


As head of an army, you command it in battle and at times alongside allies, against rebel forces throughout the lands.  Battles come in various forms such as sieges, ambushes, surprise attacks and large open-field encounters, but they all play out the same way.

First you must deploy your units onto the field by selecting which ones give you the best advantage given the conditions.  Types of units vary greatly such as militia, cavalry, archers, wizards, plus many others.  Each has certain movement and attack ranges, but also a deployment cost, so you cannot load up on stronger units only, since these eat up your available monies.  You must create a well-balanced force, minding these costs, so as to be most effective and not be overrun by the enemy.

In a turn-based system, units can advance, retreat or attack, and if victory is ultimately gained, the spoils of war are awarded to you that include more units, weaponry and armor.  Eventually, you can place on to the battlefield an intimidating force that flies your own colors.  It’s a satisfying feeling creating an army from the ground up and seeing it emerge victorious within the game’s missions, but even more so when you take the action online.

Reign of Swords comes with an online component where you can battle friends using your own custom armies.  These aren’t real-time battles however, instead after deploying your units and giving them basic tactics, the game server AI controls both armies and issues a battle report for the outcome.  You can also trade units, download new maps, and if you happen to have a PC handy, engage in a mobile-to-web encounter.  These are all awesome additions to an already addictive game experience.

The game in its entirety has an interesting storyline with captivating play that is sure to please those who enjoy these sorts of strategic turn-based battles.  The customization and online features are well thought out and all is handled with point-and-click accuracy.  If you thirst for a good war game, Reign of Swords is certainly a title that will quench it.

Reported by Matt Stoll