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IDG Ventures Vietnam announces its investment in VC Corporation

VC Corporation also announces the launch of “Baamboo Tra Từ” and the establishment of VC Incubator (VCI) – a hi-tech idea cultivating hub.

Hanoi, 16 October 2007

Today, IDG Ventures Vietnam announces its investment in VC Corporation. With the investment, IDG Ventures Vietnam officially becomes a strategic partner with VC Corporation, a pioneering communications company in Vietnam which owns and operates a series of innovative online products such as the online search engine Baamboo.com; the online classified listing platform Rongbay.com; the online flash-game hub Socvui.com and the online karaoke website Sannhac.com.

“We are extremely excited about the Fund’s investment in VC Corporation as an online media leader in Vietnam and look forward to working closely with the VC team to develop new products and services,” said Mr. Nguyen Bao Hoang, Managing General Partner of IDG Ventures Vietnam.

VC Corporation is also pleased to announce the launch of a new educational service called “Baamboo Tra Từ”. This is a free online dictionary containing 900,000 words and phrases, based on 8 different dictionaries.

“Built with open source code, “Baamboo Tra Từ” allows users to freely utilize, copy, distribute and modify online content.  We are pleased to offer this as a free service,” said Mr. Nguyen The Tan, a representative of VC Corporation. “The current content available online is quite extensive, however, we think that with user-generated-content (UGC), we can grow this new service exponentially very quickly.”

VC Corporation and IDG Ventures Vietnam are also pleased to jointly introduce a newly-born department operated by VC Corporation named VCI (VC Incubator) a hi-tech idea cultivating hub. VCI’s mission is to identify, nurture and invest in innovative ideas, projects or solutions in the fields of technology and communications technology, particularly ventures at an early stage of development. The “seeds” will receive technical and financial support to build sound business strategies, backed by a team of IT, marketing and product experts to help bring the ideas to life.

For further information about VC Corporation and its products, please visit the website www.vccorp.vn.

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